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Hannibal Williams/Brutus: The Nightlighters’ heaviest hitter, and a 9-foot tall suit of mechanical armor containing the remains of his original human body inside. A hammy and childishly-excitable gentle giant who absolutely LOVES being a Nightlighter, but his short attention span and problems with memory loss often cause his team some trouble… and for Brutus himself, no small amount of insecurity. Despite this, Brutus’s earnest kindness and cheeky honesty makes him a beloved member of the Nightlighters, and he’s among the four members to serve as the dysfunctional team’s moral center.

Brutus has no true Paradigm abilities of his own; he is instead one of the strongest and most durable heroes on Atlas, capable of lifting over 600,000,000 tons of solid material and smashing through anything standing in his way.