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Catherine “Glee” Scannell: The great-granddaughter of an outlaw legend and a former member of a band of ruffians. Glee is a friendly, easygoing, and chatty motormouth with a crippling inability to shut the hell up, often irritating her teammates to the point of pain with her incessant jabbering. What many don’t realize is that her talking is a coping mechanism for her rough and traumatic past as an outlaw, and her willingness to apply what she’s learned as a criminal makes her a force to be reckoned with. Like her teammate Endrew, Glee is among the group of superheroes willing to use lethal force.

Glee’s Paradigm ability is rusting away any metal except for gold with a simple touch. She cannot turn the power off and must wear specialized gauntlets to keep from destroying anything important.