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This mysterious fey woman gifted the legendary king Arthur the sword Excalibur and has acted as a guardian and guide to Arthur’s descendants ever since, all the way to the current wielder of Excalibur. The hero known as Invictus.

The Lady of the lake has a psychic link with Invictus through Excalibur and she often offers him guidance in his quest to protect the innocents of the world.

Though she prefers to act through agents like Invictus, the lady isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty on admittedly very rare occasions when someone of greater power is required to fend off the forces of evil. In combat, the serene lady becomes a whirlwind of death that even the most powerful demons fear. It takes something of truly momentous scale to coax the Lady of the lake into interfering directly in the lives of mortals though and she mostly remains an ethereal presence in the mind of Invictus.

The Lady of the Lake