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Howard Sanford was a very talented hitman and man for hire. He was nicknamed The Devil’s Saint amongst most due to his quick and merciful kills. However, his run in with Ryker and conflicting interests caused the death of Howard by Ryker’s hands. Grief stricken, the villainous, wealthy king pin Madame Sanford hired the same sorcerous she used to entrap Ryker into a chicken mask. She hired the sorcerous to bring Howard back from the dead. Of course the sorcerous had to add a catch with such dark magic. Howard’s soul was resurrected back into his body, his dying body. He is not dead, but his body is, resulting in his pale skin and haunting look. He no longer bleeds or feels pain in the slightest, rather, doesn’t much feel anything at all. However, he doesn’t heal either. This is where the catch comes in deeper. While he can no longer die, in order to heal, he must kill. His soul was linked with a specific revolver which when used to kill someone, heals Howard.

With the constant need to kill people and a vengeful heart, Howard no longer was merciful, but cruel and violent.  He become known as “The Deadman” as he consistently heard from his victims and enemies, “How are you here! You’re dead!” or “He’s a dead man walking”.

If you like the pose, There’s a text file on the customs page!