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Mira Shortvall – half-elf gunslinger fighter

Another portrait of a friend’s character. He wanted a “devil-may-care” pose, and of course a picture of a gunslinger needs to feature the gun, so I had some work to do with the arms and hands. The face was also an interesting challenge, getting the components properly mapped onto the tilted head. I like how that came out a lot. Not necessarily my first choice of color palette, but she’s got red dragonhide armor and the rest is per instructions. Kept it simple on the background and shading to save time. Friend liked it so we’re all good.

Mira is the daughter of a human father and a drow mother, and that’s about all she knows about her origins – so far. She took up her current vocation when a stranger used an unusual weapon to protect her, and when the battle claimed his life she took up his gun and continued on adventuring in his stead. With her new band of friends, she’s putting her firearms (and other assorted weaponry) to use against an evil dragon cult.