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Noriel – fire genasi nomad mystic (again)

I actually started playing Noriel in a new campaign, and since her original portrait was the first HeroMachine picture I ever did, I figured I could do a little better for her and give her a more carefully considered outfit. There are several details that are particular to the campaign setting and reflect all of the traveling she’s done. Probably the trickiest part of this picture was deciding I wanted to make it look like we were viewing her from the other side of some kind of space-time portal and trying to make it look like a tunnel and not just some egg-shaped blobs. It could probably be more refined but I’m generally happy with it.

As a side note, kids, save your text files. Something got corrupted during a save while working on this piece, and for reasons unknown to me the HM site decided to overwrite my heromachine3.swf folder and its contents the next time I loaded the site. Which meant that my very large hmcharacters.sol file was overwritten, and even after I managed to salvage a recovered version of the file, the site still kept overwriting it so the code is essentially gone. Not a devastating loss since I have all of my exported final pictures, but I’ll definitely be saving text code from now on.

Having fallen in with a very interesting group of people quite by chance, Noriel has decided to continue traveling with them to see what other interesting things might happen. Thus far the adventures have revolved around investigating a drug-running operation and trying to find a remedy for a companion who seems to have contracted a strange form of lycanthropy. More recently there have been echoes of some ancient mystical secret that Noriel has felt compelled to pursue, and it remains to be seen where this will lead her and her new friends.