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Crud… I  should put up some REAL bios for the characters I posted above. First things first though, new character:

Yikuma Watanabe/Sharpshooter: A native of the jungle planet Centune, now living on Atlas with Diamondfire and his team, Yikuma is defined by her insatiable drive to just keep moving; she is used to (and very much prefers) the nomadic, wandering, hunting lifestyle of her home world, and it truly infuriates her having to stay in place for long; as a result, she’s developed quite the dark sense of humor and a distinctive lack of respect for authority. Though she genuinely loves her teammates, her issues with teamwork have followed her to Atlas and she stays a lone wolf at heart; Diamondfire has found out the hard way that getting her to listen to orders just DOESN’T WORK, so he’s resorted to pointing her in a direction and letting her go do her own thing. She’s also well known for striking out on her own into the wild surrounding the Nightlight and not returning for hours on end, sometimes even days; it causes her team annoyance, Diamondfire migraines and Cato no small amount of terrified worry. But Yikuma isn’t just a lone wolf; she’s also a survivalist, and she ALWAYS returns home safe and sound, often dragging a freshly-slain wild animal behind her. She is in a dedicated relationship with Cato; the union first began when she dropped a giant Centunian mango on his head and took him captive.

Yikuma is the ranged fighter for the Nightlighters, and thanks to years of training, is considered the deadliest markswoman on both Atlas and Centune when armed with her characteristic recurve bow. With focus, she can score a direct hit on a small enemy fighter moving at extraordinarily high speeds, and even put an arrow through a small, inch-wide hole without even looking; she often jokes she could aim the complete wrong way and STILL not be able to miss. She has an excellent perception of wind direction and uses it to direct her arrows, and as the series goes on, she modifies her arrowheads with poisons, explosives, smoke bombs, and various other types of tech.