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Cato McKinney/Brown Recluse: If Kota is Harry Potter and Emmie is Hermione, then Cato is essentially Ron Weasley. In contrast to his edgy “emo” aesthetic and love for dark places, Cato is an open-hearted and kind young man whose only expectation is the best of everyone he meets. His ability to mediate the most severe personality conflicts and his inability to TRULY hate anyone is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why the dysfunctional Nightlighters have stayed together for so long, and his caring, nonjudgemental nature extends to even the villains his team tussles with daily; Cato has a bad habit of empathizing with the circumstances that led them to evil.

Despite this, Cato isn’t entirely squeaky-clean; he’s quite prone to comparing himself to other people and has a tendency to think only of the NOW instead of the FUTURE. He also feels quite overshadowed by DiamondFire, but for the sake of his best friend, he keep it to himself. But despite his own issues, Cato does everything he can to make sure the team dynamic of the Nightlighters runs smoothly, and it’s only a matter of time before it’s clear to him he’s FAR more important to the team than he thinks he is.

Cato’s Toolkit revolves around a poisonous spider; not only is he capable of crawling across walls and ceilings, but he is also immune to disease and is capable of manipulating silk he generates from his fingertips, camouflage himself, make his footsteps and movement inaudible to people (his voice remains unchanged), has enhanced agility/speed/endurance/senses/reflexes, and can generate a venom that he can either spit from his mouth or directly inject into someone via “stingers” he can protrude from his palms; he can change the lethality of the venom at will. Cato is also capable of using his own bio-electricity as bursts of powerful static shock; his Toolkit ensures he is an essential choice for stealth missions, and he has built his hero career around stealing and getting info from villain strongholds, similar to an RPG Rogue/Thief character. Cato is also a skilled escape artist with knowledge on how to pick a variety of locks, and when all else fails, he just uses his silver tongue to talk his way out.