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Despite making it through the Omnion Crisis pretty much unscathed, a lot has happened to A Division since. First Anelle left to go to space with the Galactic Guard, then Antaeus retired after losing his powers to the Memorial Man. And then W.I.L.D got infiltrated and taken over by the Golden Cross, who tried to use the organization to further their goals. But now, with the Golden Cross expelled from within the organization, The Titan (James Rush) has now been installed as the new Head of W.I.L.D. And with new leadership comes changes. After a major reshuffling of all teams and staff, A Division (now renamed as The Protectors, or as the team refer to themselves, The New Protectors) is now led by Amazon (Tori Lannock) and only features half of its previous members.
Current Team (LtR):
Neuron- Masami Matsumoto
Shahb- Sadiq Al-Qadir
Defender- Marshal Davies
Magnetico- Oscar Campos
Watchman- Michael Barnes
Andromeda- Maria Langley
Angel- Angella Jacobsen
Amazon- Victoria “Tori” Lannock
Mr. Mass- Adam Bateman (who has been redesigned facially, based on the actor Jon Hamm)
Superstar- Lucy Falkner
Copy Cat- Megan Harris
Dynamo- Thomas Hall

Profiles on the new members coming soon.

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