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Nicholas King is the son of a human woman and an incubus.

Rebelling against his own demonic nature and just rebelling in general, Nick ended up in a downward spiral of alcohol, drugs and sex that almost killed him several times over. Angry lovers or angry partners of lovers almost killed him more than that.

Most people were unaware of Nick’s heritage. He managed to hold onto his human form most of the time but he still found himself having to flee from the occasional demon hunter, despite his own hatred of demons and the crap they had put him and his mother through.

It was while on the run from one of these demon hunters that Nick crossed paths with the Nowhere Kids who were themselves on the run. Arcane, the kids resident mystic, saw Nick’s true face almost right away but much to Nick’s surprise didn’t try to murder him. In fact he and the rest of the Nowhere Kids actually helped Nick escape.

With no place else to go, Nick tagged along with the kids for a while. Kinetic gave him the nickname “Loverboy” and the name just stuck.

Nick’s time with the Nowhere Kids was fairly short but they parted ways on good terms and, inspired by his new friends, Nick was determined to do some good in his life. He was determined to prove that he should’t be defined by who his father is. Granted, he could probably have found an easier way to do this than becoming a demon hunter himself but he proved surprisingly good at slaying his evil cousins and even better at sparing those like him that weren’t actually evil at all.

Despite his desire to do good, Loverboy is still chaotic by his very nature. He has passed through the lives of a number of heroes such as Dead Beat and Hellion, always tearing through like a tornado kicking up all manner of trouble and emotions before departing again. Hellion has threatened to burn the pretty boys face off if they ever meet again but most others have grown fond of his chaotic but charming nature.

Loverboy is genuinely trying to fight his demonic nature and do some good in the world but he walks a thin line of violent tendencies and bad decisions and he may still ultimately end up straying down a path to becoming the demon so many people expect him to be.