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Name: Rachel Davis
A.K.A. Gaia
Power abilities: control over water, wind, fire and earth for a number of effects , including creating rain snow , fog , and other weather conditions. She is able to control earth by moving rocks or large amounts of earth. She can control heat and can create flames. She can use water to cut through objects; cover herself with a sheath of water; run and stand on the surface of water; melt and control existing ice; form ice into various shapes; freeze water and objects surrounded by water ; create walls of mist and steam; transform steam into ice; evaporate large amounts of water; or derive a weapon from any moisture including her own perspiration.
Equipment: weapons; Gaia wears 4 crystals/stones she calls Earth. Wind, Fire and Earth. The true nature and/or origins of these stones are unknown. Gaia has stated the stones give her, the powers she uses: However no one has been able to use the stones other than Rachel. It is thought that Rachel’s powers are “Event” based and are Telekinetic in nature and that the stones are her prop to focus her powers , much like others , such as Golden Hammer , The Staff, etc..etc.…