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The Fables are
Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, Lady Godiva and the Snow Queen.
The group was formed when they assisted with the capture of several villains known as The Six Pack. Following this event newspapers begin to call the group the FABLES. The group came to the attention The SDA (Strategic Defense Agency) an Ultra-Omega level agency. Its goal is to direct development of advanced weapons, and weapon systems. Since the creation of The Land Warrior SeAL Team Unit Mark VII , the agency has desired to field one or several super powered individuals to deter domestic terrorism.

Name: Rapunzel
Alias: Cassandra, Lea Turner
Powers: she has total command of every strand of her hair. Each strand has a tensile strength greater than steel. She can also extend the length of her hair up to twenty five feet. (The means used is unknown) Rapunzel is resistant to magical attacks.
Bio: Rapunzel claims to be the Rapunzel from the fable of the same name. She sometimes calls herself Cassandra. Her public name Lea Turner was given to her by the SDA. Rapunzel for the most part is unwilling to answer most questions about her life. She has started working as a fashion model under the name of Lea Turner.

Name: Allison Daye
Alias: Red Riding Hood
Powers: Red Riding Hood is able to do any movement she has seen (even moves done as special effects), she is also able to focus her chia into a band of energy around her hand or foot. When she focuses the chia she is able to punch through steel. Red Riding Hood is unaware that her powers are really telekinetic in nature, and she is much more powerful than she knows.
Bio: Allison s powers have been active her whole life. She first used them actively at high school sports. She did this to please her father. Although she is unaware of it she is one of the most powerful beings on Earth

Name: Tina and William Morris
Alias: Hansel and Gretel
Powers: Enhanced strength (class 100), invulnerable, flight, super speed enhanced intellect. When in physical contact they can assume the powers of other supers for up to 2 hours, also their natural power levels double.
Bio: Tina and William Morris are twins. Their parents were killed when the twins were infants. Their powers started to appear when they were toddlers. They were placed in the care of a government agency. They escaped from the agency at the age of 10. They had been able to fend for themselves using their powers. They do not care for the names Hansel and Gretel but tolerate them. The group Fables feels like a family to them.

Name: Anna Mae Bullock
Alias: Lady Godiva, Tina
Powers: can turn her or other objects invisible, can project force fields, slowed ageing process (she is 61years old)
Bio: Anna Mae grew up in the southern United States part of a highly religious family.
Her talents as singer started with the church choir. She longed to sing the blues, but would not due to her Grandmothers objections. In her early 20s she began to sing as back up singer with a band on the “chitlin’ circuit”. Finally going solo and producing several top ten hits, and albums. Her identity as Lady Godiva is now known to the general public.

Name: Amaya Fuyu
Alias: Ice Queen

Powers: can create ice and snow, is able to reduce temperature over large areas. Is impervious to extreme cold, with intense concentration she can affect any weather pattern.
Bio: Amaya Fuyu is a Japanese American. She has worked as an intelligence analyst for the CIA. She had only used her powers a few times before assisting with the capture of The Six Pack.