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Moonbeam and Sunbeam are the daughters of the brothers Red Star and Black Star and the Twin Sisters Sun Spot and Solar Storm ( Sun Spot and Black Star are the parents of Moon Beam, Solar Storm and Red Star are parents of Sun Beam Beam)
Both cousins have the ability to absorb, store and processes light; uses the energy to fly and create destructive bursts of coherent radiation. Their energy capacity is virtually limitless. They are capable of manipulating light externally to create illusions and even solid light constructs, as well as render themselves and others invisible. They can convert their body completely into any wavelength on the EM Spectrum. No physical harm from impact can come to them in this form. This process can also be used to repair damage sustained while in physical form (they can also encase themselves in energy force fields). As pure energy, he can travel at the speed of light and cross space unassisted.