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I meant to post this guy like a week ago but I got really sick and forgot all about him.

This character has had a loose design rattling around in my head for literally years now but I’m only now getting around to actually making it.

Roger Lott is a criminal by circumstance more than anything. A childhood friend of Steel Spectre, when Spectre left to join the military, Roger went the opposite way and fell in with a bad crowd who talked him into helping them rob a convenience store. Roger didn’t actually want to do it but the money making options for someone who only barely graduated high school weren’t great. Not only that but Roger already had a kid on the way that he knew he had to provide for. So Roger became a part of a small heist crew that over time became better at what they did.

Eventually Roger became quite well known in certain criminal circles and moved on to bigger scores when he worked as a henchman for a couple of masked super villains. They were all pretty much lunatics or idiots but they paid well. He could only stomach so much of taking orders from people like this though and eventually decided to strike out on his own. He had learned enough from his past bosses about how to make some serious money so he adopted his own identity of Revolver (due to his skill with the handgun) half to protect his identity and half to show his old bosses how it’s done.

While Revolver has earned a lot of respect over his almost decade long career as a masked “super criminal” he hasn’t quite achieved the level of success he had been hoping for. He still hires himself out from time to time, working for more powerful bad guys and helping them in their schemes when he’s not plotting heists of his own. He has, however, built himself a reputation as a genuinely nice guy with a code of honor. Albeit one who will blatantly rob you blind and shoot you in a (usually) non-vital body part if you get in his way. Even the heroes know Revolver as a charming and even likeable guy.

Steel Spectre learned Revolver’s identity a couple of years back and has made multiple attempts to convince his old friend to set his life back on the straight and narrow. Revolver knows he’s already in too deep to get out…But maybe one day.