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Air Force pilot turned Astronaut Aiden Adams stumbled into a long abandoned Preserver base during a survey mission on the moon. The last thing he remembers was accidentally activating some mysterious device before everything went black. When he woke up he was back with the rest of his team who had found him unconscious bu with no sign of any base. Aiden was returned to Earth for assessment where he learned that his body was now in peak condition to the point where he could be classified as a super human.

Despite multiple later searches for the Preserver base, no one seemed able to find it again and the source of Aiden’s transformation remained a mystery.

Aiden, now given the nickname Adonis by his coworkers, continued to work for NASA for a number of years before being recruited as head of security for the space command center on Star Island. A job which kept him busy with all the space hero shenanigans and alien invasions he had to deal with over the next few years.

One of Adonis’ biggest tests came when thousands of alien refugees from a galactic war arrived on Earth seeking asylum. A temporary camp was set up on Star Island and Adonis effectively became responsible for all of the refugees therein, dealing with all manner of conflict between the various alien races, attacks from anti-alien extremists and the political nightmare that came with holding thousands of alien refugees on American soil.

Eventually though, the refugees were relocated off world to a larger and better suited camp on one of Jupiter’s moons (nothing to do with the Mortal God Jupiter) and Adonis was free to return to his normal(ish) life.

Recently though, Adonis has received an invitation from Comet to help him investigate a Preserver base he found on the moon. Neither man is sure if this is the same base where Adonis originally gained his powers but if there’s a possibility of learning more about what happened to him then Adonis is on board.