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New character! Plus bonus sexy short shorts costume because why not!

Tsunami is a specialist water rescue hero based primarily around the gulf of Mexico but he can occasionally be found lending a hand in other parts of the world when his services are needed.

Having never really bothered with wearing a mask, his civilian identity has never really been a secret so his identity as Theodore Chung is fairly well known to the public and he has managed to build up quite a sizable fan base despite a fairly short career.

There is a secret that Tsunami is keeping from everyone though. The fact that he is actually half alien. Teddy’s birth father was from a race of aliens who are able to control water. This is how Tsunami gained his powers. Though Earth has had a number of encounters with aliens over the years, many of which have been friendly, anti-alien sentiment is strong these days after the Preserver invasion. It’s hard enough being half Asian in Texas, never mind half alien.

Regardless of his heritage, alien or human, Tsunami will always do his best to help as many people as he can.