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The owner of the infamous Emerson City nightclub and criminal hangout, Darkness, Neon is not just a pretty face (even if said face is colour inverted). Able to absorb and manipulate light and then convert it into other forms of energy at will (most commonly sound and heat, but also kinetic energy if she so wishes, giving her short bursts of superhuman speed), she can be a formidable adversary depending on how much light she has at her disposal. Unfortunately for her, she cannot turn off her ability to absorb light and if she absorbs too much without releasing the energy she can suffer ill-effects, so she prefers to stay out of direct light as much as possible. Her nightclub is used as a front for all sorts of criminal activities, from drug dealing to hiring contract killers, Neon knows everyone who does anything bad in her city, and she can hook you up… for a price.

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