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Hello Anarchangel, I have been going through you archive for the past couple days or so and I have to say I am amazed at your work, it is incredible. I have been using heromachine 3 for at least 4 years now. I only made an account this past year. I have yet to post any of my work. I have recently started shading and posing my characters. I am still not sure how you do it. Are there any tips you have for me on how to pose characters, or on how to shade them well? Thanks, WolframXT

The best advice I can give in regard to posing is to find a reference image and try to fit your own pose in the same way. You can find a bunch on either Google or Pinterest by searching something like “pose reference sketch”. I’ve used things like that for inspiration in the past and it’s worked out well.  I’m still not great at posing though so there’s maybe better people to ask about this than me. Don’t be afraid to experiment with poses though. Even a slight readjustment of a leg or an arm or even a hand can make a world of difference.

Shading is at least somewhat easier in my opinion. I use the gradient background shape. In the background > Shapes category. On the last page. Third on the top row. Use the slider to lower prime colour and line colour to zero (or just type 0 in the box next to it) then use second colour a shade lighter than the area you’re shading. Or darker if you’re trying shadows. I like to picture a light source somewhere around my character, usually top left, and that helps me picture where the light would hit on the character making lighter areas. I’ve always found making darker areas somewhat trickier but I suppose the opposite applies. Just picture where the light doesn’t hit and fit your shading accordingly.

Don’t overdo it on shading though. You don’t need a whole lot. Too much shading can occasionally overwhelm a character so find a balance that works well for you.

I’m by no means saying that this is the correct way to do things but it works for me. Other people may do things differently so again, don’t be afraid to experiment.

I hope my ramblings help in some way.