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“Foot off the car! or she’ll brake it if you scratch it. ”  Dominic waned her.

“Really? she not that scary, blonde- ” Nicolella started to argue

“She’s a dye job”  Dominic noted.

“Mysterious .”

“That she is, her file looks a damned barcode, like i told you we’re the muscle, a Marine Corps Lance corporal and a SWAT officer, we’re the door kickers.

Now what does the hell does “<span class=”tlid-translation translation”><span class=”” title=””>cerebrum</span> <span title=””>magi</span> <span title=””>manducans” mean anyway?” </span></span>
<span class=”tlid-translation translation”><span title=””>Dominic asked idly.

“Well who dinner is this?” Emilie smiled to her self the blood on the floor was still warm, she was getting closer.