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Blue Blazer

Name: Jack Valley
Genre: Scientist/Vigilante
Powers/Special Skills: expert in bio-robotics
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: various advanced weaponry
Affiliations: Prescorp Laboratories
Other Aliases: The Machine
Status: at large

Dr. Valley was a relatively happy man, despite being a widower. He was raising his young daughter Lyla while maintaining full-time employment as a scientist at Prescorp Labs, a company specializing in cybernetic technology. Valley was one of the company’s leading scientists with several projects ripe for commercial development.

One night, with a deadline approaching and unable to find a babysitter, Dr. Valley brought Lyla, then 7 years old, to the lab with him so that he could finish some last minute details. That’s when tragedy struck.

That was the night that Brad Fletcher, then just a crook with the power to change his body into mist, chose to break into Prescorp Labs looking for something to steal and sell. In a panic, Dr. Valley notified security, who rushed into the lab. Trying desperately to calm down Valley, Brad approached him just as security arrived and, thinking he was attacking Valley, they fired their guns. Just as a bullet would have struck and killed him, Brad shifted into vapor form and it passed through him harmlessly. However, it hit Lyla and she was killed instead. Horrified, Brad fled the scene with the wails of Dr. Valley echoing behind him.

Both Brad Fletcher and Jack Valley were changed men following that night. In the hopes of atoning for the accident, Brad became the superhero Haze. Dr. Valley spent several weeks in a deep depression, until he finally emerged with a single goal. He would kill Haze to avenge his precious daughter.

With a plethora of advanced weaponry at his disposal, Valley tried again and again to kill Haze, but he never quite could. During one of their fights, a gun he was holding exploded in his hand, destroying most of his arm up to the elbow. That was when Valley but his greatest scientific achievement to the test. He injected himself with a swarm of microscopic, self-replicating nanobots, which instantly worked together to build him a new arm and then evolved to have the ability to create massive weapons and armor in and around his body. It was then that Dr. Valley shed his mundane identity and became the supervillain The Machine. To this day, he considers himself the arch-nemesis of Haze and, by proxy, the super team The Dynamos, which Haze joined.

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