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Mr. Sin. is the half brother and arch nemesis to ReJen. Emile was always finding himself in trouble and and lacking empathy for it. He started to sell illegal products within the black market, ran with a gang, and slowly built his villainy. He was always intelligent and brutal with his actions. As his infamy grew, he also started to be known as a powerful and notorious criminal. He always hungered for more wealth and power.

Emile Foster became the highly feared “Mr. Sin” after a brutal end to a battle between himself and his sister, Jen Foster. Emile was in a shoot out with the NYPD and Rejen stepped in. She didn’t want to kill her brother, but rather save him from himself. However, there was no stopping him and while he attempted to hold Rejen hostage, she turned the shotgun he was holding to herself. She managed to get the trigger pulled and the blast went through her body and through half of Emile’s face.

While Emile was pronounced dead, there was a catalyst erupting within Emile. He awoke in a body bag in the morgue gasping for air. Parts of blood and DNA from Jen were blown into Emile by the shotgun blast. Since Emile shares partial relation to Jen, it activated his mutated genes of healing, however at a much lower scale and not nearly as powerful. One side of his face is permanently disfigured and heals back the same way he was before the mutation activated. He now became a king pin, a super criminal overlord to New York under the name of Mr. Sin. He desperately wants revenge on his sister and to harvest more of her DNA in hopes to achieve her level of power.