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Spirit: Pajra
Host Name: Alice Cox
Zodiac Animal: Sheep
Ability: Invulnerability

The most shy and reserved of all of the zodiac spirits, Pajra the Sheep is very kind, hating to see conflict and almost always trying to find peaceful solutions to problems. She has a great deal of anxiety and is very insercure about herself. To deal with her anxiety, she tends to undertake a number of creative endevours (almost all of her hosts have had some artistic, musical or performative skill and her current host is no exception). She tends to get along well with the other more reserved spirits and doesn’t work so well with the more pushy spirits. Anila the Dragon is one of the spirits she gets along with least, as the Dragon is highly agressive and ruthless. Whilst you would think that she would get along with Vajra the Ox, both being kind and reserved spirits, Vajra find her to be too unreliable due to her anxiety and therefore they don’t gell as well as they probably could. And much like Antira the Rabbit, she can’t stand Kubira the Rat. He’s just way to creepy. She’s also a tiny bit terrified of Mihira the Tiger, although most of the smaller zodiac are to be fair. However, she gets on really well with Vikarala the Pig. He is the most honest spirit and, though he may be blunt, he always knows the right thing to say to make her feel better. Surprisingly, the same could be said for Indra the Horse. Though Indra is very unlike Pajra personality wise, the two spirits have been close since the beginning and the Horse is always very supportive and encouraging of the Sheep spirit. And then, of course, there is Antira. The Rabbit and the Sheep are two of the closest friends out of any of the zodiac spirits and are very close personality wise. They get on well with most of the same spirits and dislike many of the same as well. Antira is the slightly stronger willed of the two and stands up for Pajra as best she can if she feels like other spirits are picking on her. Pajra’s spirit ability is somewhat befitting of a spirit of her disposition, an anxious ball of fluff that hates fighting. Her ability makes her wool almost inpenetrable and impervious to damage and she can create a huge woolen shield around herself by surrounding herself with her own wool, although this can only be maintained for a short while. She can also protect others using this technique, though it has been known to get rather warm after a while. Pajra’s current host is a trainee nurse called Alice Cox. Through her, Pajra is able to act as the medic for the zodiac group, as none of the spirits really have a grasp of human medicine and none have healing abilities. Alice aslo is a dab hand at drawing, something which Pajra appreciates very much.

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