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Name: Voxel
Age: 19
Height: 5’9
Powers/Abilities: Enhanced Agility, Intelligence, and Stamina, Able to generate hard digital constructs, such as armor, weaponry, and vehicles, Hacking Intuition
Alignment: Hero

Val Rondo AKA Voxel is seen as both a shining example of what could have been and a grim warning of what is possible. As a young man, Val had it rough, to say the least. His mother was a heroin addict and a prostitute, and his father was a street cleaner with little to no regard for his family. When Val was 17, he decided to leave his family home after a spat with his drunken father led to both of their arrest. After trying and failing to obtain a job in bounty hunting (he did his best), Val soon found himself working for the police in their I.T. Department. His natural skill with computers quickly earned him the title of I.T. Specialist at just 18. Soon after, this talents were discovered by ORION, who brought him in to lighten their current tech genius‘s load a little. It was during Val’s time with ORION that he designed CelTek, a hologram that could be as hard as steel whilst weighing nothing. Donning said tech, Val became Voxel and fought alongside the heroes of ORION as well as creating other technologies and trinkets for their use. He probably shouldn’t have tried to hack into CHIMERA‘s communications. He’s still missing…