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Herr D

I’d forgotten about ‘Mae’ for years. A man came to me and explained that if his pregnant wife was ‘good and rested up’ that the doctor said she could go trick or treating with their niece. They’d lost their home in a fire, and her estranged mother, dead a few months, had willed them her home.

. . . So I came in and visited two to three hours at a time as I could, giving them direction. The old lady was a chemo survivor, so her wig and her makeup went right on the papier mache headpiece, which was balanced and supported by a padded backpack. ‘Executioner-mask mesh’ made a great mask mouth and look-through. Mae’s own hair in a loose topknot for add’l padding and a few locks out through the mesh mouth. The good news is that though she went into premature labor the kid was born fine. The bad news is that the unused headpiece was destroyed when the kid flooded the garage as he started crawling. More good news? We found out as they cleaned up that it’s a good thing we didn’t go. The next door neighbors had a son go missing the Halloween before wearing an identical costume to the one we cut up for the arm and leg. More bad news? We bought it at Goodwill, and the police had no way of tracing what we gave them. Luckily our alibis checked out.

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