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The pyromaniac Firebug first appeared several months ago, setting a series of blazes in abandoned warehouses. Unlike many other masked fire starters like Prometheus or Miss Fyre, Firebug seemingly has no intention of actually hurting anyone and seems to only be interested in watching things burn. Occasionally though, the fires he starts spread further than he intended and innocent bystanders do end up in danger. Several heroes have attempted to apprehend Firebug but he always seems to escape, thanks in no small part to his advanced tech.

That advanced tech has attracted the attention of the hero Static who sees a lot of similarities to his own tech and he has begun an investigation into Firebugs identity. Static doesn’t yet realize it but the fire started closer to home than he knows. Firebug is someone Static has helped train in the past. Firebug is the rookie hero Stinger!

Stinger is the protege of Vespa but Static has been instrumental in his training as well and provided much of his equipment which may explain why Firebug’s gear looks so familiar.

Vespa remains completely unaware of her sidekick’s other life but should she ever find out, she’s going to have to make a difficult decision about how to handle the matter. Does she hand him over to he authorities and hoe he gets the treatment he needs or does she protect him and hope she can change his behaviour before he hurts someone?


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