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Alright, after a bit of technical consternation, I present to you my shiniest character yet…

Allow me to introduce Kheelara Vishaaru, the last free Etherean in the galaxy:

Yep! I remade my first character and figured out her place in the yet-untitled Galactic Consortium-verse. (Fair warning, I was tripping on epic music when I made this pic and description)


Name: Kheelara va’Lyara Uri-Aysuya Vishaaru the Third

Alias: Starfury

Species: Etherean

Planet of Origin: Shavaalur (Etherean homeworld)

Occupation: Noble inheritor (formerly); Interstellar freedom fighter (current)

Special Notes: Technological implants and hyperevolved alien physiology enable her to control and direct the radiant magnetoplasmic energy of the stars themselves. Functionally immortal for similar reasons. Drift-energy is painful for her to interact with, but not deadly as it is to the rest of her species. Body generates a natural force field of stellar plasmatic energy, making her virtually immune to harm while it is active, though coordinated firepower or Drift weaponry can overcome it. Carries a genetic key that allows her and her alone access to all Etherean technology that requires such a key.

Bio: One of the last known members of the highly-advanced Etherean species, Kheelara was among the only survivors of the Etherean Civil War of 2,500 years ago. Her compatriots were captured and imprisoned for study by the Galactic Consortium, whose Drift-based technology allowed them to easily incapacitate the depowered Etherean refugees. Kheelara alone escaped, as part of a last-ditch effort by the other survivors. Like all Ethereans, all of them bore a genetic key allowing them access to their technology and devices. To prevent the Consortium from capturing said technology, the other survivors deleted their own genetic keys, and edited Kheelara’s to have the highest level of clearance possible, then orchestrated her escape from the Consortium via a stolen shuttle. She fled across the galaxy, eventually crashing on the long-lost Terran homeworld of Earth, where she joined forces with TerraSec, the United Nations superhero commando squad charged with international peacekeeping. For 30 years she served with TerraSec, gaining the nickname of Starfury from the people of Earth. Then, one day, the Consortium finally caught up, and began a stealth takeover of Earth. When this was thwarted, they began an all-out invasion, but were interrupted by the arrival of the Frontier Alliance, the coalition of free planets fighting against the Consortium’s rule. Thus, Earth became re-involved in interstellar civilization, TerraSec became part of the Alliance, and Kheelara wound up becoming one of their commanders, contributing her knowledge of Etherean technology and various secrets of ancient galactic history to the cause.