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Okay, enough from the Consortium for now. Let’s see who some of their enemies are…



Name: Lewis Baxter

Alias: Navigator

Species: Terran

Planet of Origin: Tordan Eta

Occupation: Bounty hunter, private courier, pilot

Special Notes: Possesses limited precognition of movement and trajectory, I.e. he knows whether any vector of movement will hit it’s target or not. Thus, he has seemingly-perfect aim, improbable dodging skills, and a seemingly-supernatural gift for piloting and navigation, hence his nickname. Left-handed.

Bio: Lewis Baxter was born with a bizarre genetic anomaly that made his brain extraordinarily receptive to specific wavefront-disturbances in the Drift, giving him what essentially amounted to limited precognition of movement around him. Plagued by constant visions of all moving objects around him since a young age, he eventually received help in the form of a cybernetic implant that regulated his ‘extra sense’, as it were. Baxter soon discovered that his ability enabled him to almost perfectly know where a projectile would land before firing it, or where a spacecraft would go after a gravity-slingshot, and so on. He joined a local courier service as a pilot and served with them for several years, until the Galactic Consortium besieged and annexed Tordan Eta, putting him out of a home and a job. Since then, he has wandered the Frontier in his courier ship, now upgraded with aftermarket mods, hiring himself out as an independent courier, bounty hunter, pilot, and even sometimes spy to make a living. Somewhere along the line, the Consortium caught up to him after he smuggled liquid quadrium fuel across their borders, and it was here his ability was first put to the test wholesale. A full squad of Consortium troopers cornered him in a bazaar on Hifk II, only for him to slip between their bullets and put a few shots squarely into each one’s eyes. He’s never seen without his trademark custom Krieger-Buzinsky VX-99 “Falcon” plasma pistol, which, thanks to his mutation, he virtually never misses with.