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Three months later, I’m back(ish), with two more Galactic Consortium units!

(sorry about hiatus, college happened)


The Galactic Consortium does not use normal human troops. Rather, their legions are almost entirely composed of Synths, lab-grown supersoldiers manufactured by the billions. Synths are fundamentally derived from human DNA, but have been extensively gene-tailored and cybernetically enhanced. Superficially, Synths resemble ordinary humans, but are distinguished by their unnaturally pale skin and pure white hair, bright red eyes, and massive size, towering over even the largest of regular humans at an average of 8 feet tall. However, below the surface they are radically different, having been redesigned on the cellular level for one purpose: war. Their notable features include carbotanium-nanopolymer reinforced cells, rendering them totally bulletproof to ordinary weapons and very difficult to harm; polyspectral eyesight with thermal, gamma, and even Drift-wave vision; completely redesigned muscle tissue with organic molecular actuators giving them the strength to effortlessly crush stone and steel with their bare hands; respiratory membrane-filters to protect them from even the most hostile of atmospheres; hyperefficient internal air bladders allowing them to survive unaided in deep space for days at a time; impact-dampening tissues to dissipate blunt-force trauma; multiple redundant backup organs; implanted sensors to allow for inhumanly precise perception and fast reaction; and a neural-implant comm relay enabling them to communicate rapidly with any other Consortium units over an entire planet so long as a Consortium ship or satellite relay is in orbit. Contrary to popular myth, Synths are not mindless drones with no free will, and in fact have almost as much personality as an ordinary human. Rather, they are controlled simply by a fundamental indoctrination starting at “birth” – in essence, their personalities are hardcoded to be unswervingly patriotic and loyal to the Consortium. 

Now, Synths come in multiple varieties, each suited specifically for a different task. As clones, all Synths of a single class look almost identical, but for subtle random genetic variations, and any personal changes an individual Synth chooses to adopt to distinguish themselves. At birth, Synths have no name, only an alphanumeric serial number, but they almost invariably pick up a nickname in the field which becomes their de facto name.


Now, with that bit of lore wall of text out of the way, allow me to present my first two Synthtrooper designs:


Assault Trooper:

Assault Troopers are the outriders of the Consortium’s forces, the lightning-fast shock troops that descend from orbit to make hit-and-run strikes on enemy fortifications and deployments, softening them up for the main assault while simultaneously garnering vital reconnaissance data. Clad in heavy sealed power armor and equipped with massive jetpacks, Assault Trooper fireteams are dropped directly from the launch bays of orbiting Consortium supercarriers onto an unsuspecting world below, burning across the sky at hypersonic velocities before suddenly decelerating, landing in the midst of the enemy lines, wreaking havoc, and retreating. Armaments vary based upon deployment, but the Assault Troopers’ archetypical weapon is the Krieger-Buzinsky MR-558 ‘Nidhogg’ fusion driver, a fearsome man-portable plasma shotgun ideal for devastating enemy troops at close range.

The Assault Trooper seen here is presently in the midst of maneuvering during an orbital descent.



Galactic Consortium Slayers are among the rare elite grade of the sprawling Synth armies, rarely deployed in large numbers due to how deadly even a single one is. Slayers feature a different augment package than most Synthtroopers, specifically tailored to their unique battlefield role. They have an unsurpassable femtosecond reaction time, tremendous strength and speed, and local ESP systems, and a Drift-powered contrivance known as an Acceleron, which enables them to perform hypersonic “dashes” across short distances, demolishing everything in their path with a wavefront of destructive energy. Slayers are armed with two colossal 7 foot long carbotanium greatswords with power-fielded edges, which they swing with effortless ease despite their massive size and weight, cutting swaths of destruction through enemy fortifications faster than a normal human mind can reasonably comprehend. It’s extraordinarily rare for more than a single Slayer to ever be deployed to a single conflict at once, and for good reason: Slayers have been known to defeat entire armies singlehandedly without being hit even once.

Here a Slayer stands victorious over an unseen foe on the scorched, war-torn crags of a planet under all-out Consortium siege, as bomber craft cruise past above and plasma beams lance down from orbit. Seems whoever owns this planet royally pissed the Consortium off, to warrant this treatment.