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Sophia O’Connor is the granddaughter of the original Freedom Eagle who fought the Nazi’s during the war and the daughter of former mayor Michael O’Connor who was praised for being largely responsible for pulling Freedom City out of a particularly dark period, rife with crime and corruption.

Sophia was always aware of the legacy her grandfather had left and the advanced wing-frame that her father kept locked away n a secret room with the rest of her grandfathers Freedom Eagle equipment. As a teenager, she had toyed with the idea of breaking into that room and using those wings to soar the skies. She liked the idea of being a hero and helping those in need. She always heard her fathers words in the back of her head though, warning her away from that life. It was a silly dream after all.

Sophia put her dreams of becoming a superhero like her grandfather aside but as she grew into an adult, she became a different kind of hero. She became a lawyer representing the poor and downtrodden, getting them the justice they deserve. She loved her job and barely ever thought about those wings anymore.

At least until the day her father was attacked by a madman and almost killed. Michael O’Connor Jnr was in critical condition in hospital for weeks as the investigation into his attack was conducted. Everyone knew who had ordered the attack. “Grinning” Giole Tocco. An angry old mob boss who had crossed paths with O’Connor back when he was mayor. The problem was, no one could actually prove his involvement.

Frustrated by the inability of official law enforcement to do anything, Sophia finally put on those wings that had been calling to her for her entire life and became the new Freedom Eagle.

She set out to destroy Tocco by bringing down what remained of his empire and was surprisingly successful until the mobster decided to put a hit out on the new hero as well. Rather than backing down in fear, Freedom Eagle upped her game and tried to attack Tocco directly. She may well have killed the old man if not for the intervention of the Scarab. The Scarab, in one of his previous lives, had known Sophia’s grandfather and knew that he wouldn’t want her to seek revenge using his name. That wasn’t what the Freedom Eagle stood for. That name and those wings represented something better. Justice. True Justice. Not vigilante brutality.

Sophia, though admittedly still conflicted, decided that he was right. This wasn’t the way. She had trusted in the rule of law and justice her entire life and she wouldn’t stop now. She would find another way to prove Tocco’s guilt.

Afterwards, Sophia had planned to hang up the wings and return to her normal life but the Scarab saw potential in her and suggested she join his newly formed team of legacy heroes that also included Invictus, Superstar, Knockout, Starborn and Arcane.

Sophia agreed…hesitantly. All of he other heroes in this group were in their teens and early twenties (Scarab’s current body included) and with Sophia in her mid thirties, she now finds herself in the unenviable position of being both the oldest person on the team and the rookie.

Freedom Eagle

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