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Another member of The Mortal Gods. This time it’s the party god himself, Dionysus (a.k.a Bacchus).

Dionysus has spent much of his current mortal life living on the streets. So when the Mortal Gods found him and welcomed him into their ranks, unlocking his powers in the process, he was more than happy. He was ecstatic.

His state of ecstasy has lasted more of less since then and as is only fitting for the god of wine and revelry, Dionysus has opened a chain of nightclubs. The Bacchus Bar is popular with normal people, celebrities and supers alike and Dionysus has declared it neutral ground so it’s not uncommon to see both heroes and villains enjoying a drink right next to each other.

Dionysus spends most of his time at the Bacchus Bar as he is entirely uninterested in getting involved in the inane shenanigans the the other gods get themselves involved in on an almost daily basis.

"You're taking this very seriously." - Dionysus

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