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This was just a quick concept costume for a friends character.

Makeshift came from the same roleplaying game as Alpha Dog and just like Alpha Dog, he was built entirely around a random name given by the GM.

I was given very little instructions for this costume other than “Make it look a bit ****.”

Makeshift’s whole thing is that he can cobble together inventions with whatever crap he finds lying around so I wanted to make his costume look like he had just grabbed a bunch of mismatched stuff and put it on, like the stop sign armour.

Makeshift can make some pretty impressive stuff but his inventions usually only last a short while before they start to fall apart. He’s the guy you can rely of for a gadget in the heat of battle but if you want something that will last, you’re probably better off looking somewhere else.

"Did someone call for a mechanic?" - Makeshift

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