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Xiang Jia was born into a powerful family within the Triads of Emerald City. A family known for their ruthless and vicious tactics. A family of devils. Her father and elder brothers were all power players in the local world of organized crime but, as a girl, Jia was mostly left out of the family business and treated like a child even when she began to mature. She wasn’t like the rest of her family at all. While they were brutal and often heartless, Jia cared a great deal about the people around her and even the people her family stepped on to gain their power.

Some of the gang members who hung around the family businesses gave her the almost mocking nickname of “Gentle Devil” but Jia accepted it as a compliment. She was happy to have a big heart and a gentle nature.

What everyone failed to realise though was that this gentle devil was still a devil and Jia had secretly been plotting her own family’s downfall for years. The masked Gentle Devil sprung a coup and seized power from her family, revealing her identity to them they had been ousted just to rub dirt in the wound. She hated her family for their cruel treatment of the locals and planned to protect her community with the Triad’s power rather than destroy it in a desperate grasp for power.

Jia now has a death grip on her family’s assets, both legal and illegal. While she has had to prove herself to the other families in the triad, she has earned the loyalty of those working for her many times over. They will protect their boss to the best of their ability and know that she will do everything in her power to keep them and their families safe too.

Many have made the mistake of underestimating this young woman, While Jia may be gentle, Jia is still a devil and she is more than capable and more than willing to stop being so gentle and resort to more violent methods if she needs to, as many rival factions have learned after trying to encroach on her territory.

Jadetown in Emerald City may still have a high crime rate but it’s under the protection of a Gentle Devil as she fends off the advancing threat of much more violent monsters who would like to see everyone burn.

"Anyone else care to test me?" - Gentle Devil

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