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Blue Blazer

Alias: Ironhawk
Real Name: Scott Stewart
Genre: Superhero
Powers/Special Skills: none
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: bulletproof armor, artificial glider wings
Affiliations: none
Other Aliases: Thunderhawk (rumored)
Status: active
Scott is a welder for a small company in Caligo. At his house on the outskirts of the metropolis, his secret hobby is making metal sculptures with scraps he brings home from work. His favorite was a strange bird-like man with huge wings.

One day, while he and his crew were repairing a leaking water pipe beneath the city, the villain Temblor created a huge seismic disturbance during a fight with the Miracle Men. All of the men in Scott’s crew but him were killed. Scott himself spent three weeks in the hospital.

When he had healed from his injuries, Scott seemed to have a new lease on life – and his duty in it.

Using his metallurgic skills, Scott created a suit of nearly impenetrable steel with a helmet and a large set of wings. He then set to the task of stopping as much crime in Caligo as he could. Since then he has become a well-known symbol of justice for the citizens of the city.

Just recently, a similar hero has surfaced, bearing the name Thunderhawk. Some believe it is Scott in disguise, attempting to throw off his enemies, but none really know.


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