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Blue Blazer

Alias: Iron Maiden
Real Name: Priscilla Payne
Genre: Supervillain (unwillingly)
Powers/Special Skills: metal body
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: none
Affiliations: Electromagnus
Other Aliases: none
Status: deceased
Priscilla and her twin brother Parker were the children of Dr. Peggy Payne, a chemist looking for efficient ways to break down the consistency of metals. She invented two gadgets to help with this, one being a pair of gloves capable of unforming and reforming metals, which was discovered and used by Parker, and an entire suit made of semi-liquid metal that could be shaped to fit the wearer like glove and could protect he or she against heat or stray chunks when working with metal. Priscilla found, donned, and became one with this suit.

But like her brother, Priscilla had dormant mutant genes, and when she put on the suit, it fused with her DNA and she herself became a piece of human steel, unharmed by most attacks, incredibly dense and heavy, and superstrong.

Both twins were sent by their mother to Power House, a boarding school for super-powered kids, where they continued their education and learned to control their powers. They then had a short stint as a crime-fighting duo.

But tragedy struck when the supervillain Electromagnus first encountered and then became overcome with desire for Priscilla. With vast magnetic powers, he was entranced by her shiny silver body and impenetrable skin. So, using his magnetokinesis, he forced his will upon her, and she was powerless to resist his commands. She served as his lover and assistant for many months until Parker (as Forge) finally caught up to them. Seeing that he could not bring Priscilla back to the side of good, and fearing that her strength and nigh-invincibility would help Electromagnus conquer the city, Parker did that which he wanted least. He laid his hands on his twin sister and melted her into a harmless puddle.


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