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The shadowy facility known only as “The Castle” has been responsible for turning a number of meta-humans into weapons. Most notably Replay and Howler. There are others though, such as Brain Matter. An experimental procedure designed to boost latent psychic potential was marginally successful but it turned the once friendly and likeable Brian Harris into a twitchy and paranoid individual. His handlers are understandably wary of someone who could fry their minds in a second if he thinks they’re working against him but they understand that it’s better to have a rabid dog on a leash and snapping at your enemies than to set him loose to do as he pleases.

The Castle has learned that Brain Matter is far less unpredictable when he has a clear mission to focus on so they have decided to task him with finding Howler and Replay and returning them to the Castle.

What the Castle is unaware of, however, is that while Brain Matter is completely loyal to them, Brian Harris is a different matter. The man he used to be before the scientists started tinkering with his mind has occasional moments of lucidity and has actually been feeding information to Howler about the Castle’s operations. He want’s to be free of the monster that the Castle has turned him into but with every day that passes, Brian Harris is fading away and Brain Matter is growing stronger.

In the battle against the Castle, Howler and Replay’s greatest ally may also be their greatest enemy.

Brain Matter

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