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Allow me to present, somewhat belatedly, my second creation, the Harvester of Gods, from the same universe as the alien from my first post:

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The year is 14,761. Humanity has spread far across the stars, and, united under the monolithic Galactic Consortium, has conquered worlds far and wide. Now, with resources running dry, and pressed in on all sides by alien powers millions of years older, the Consortium turns its hungry gaze upon unsuspecting independent worlds across the galaxy. Millions of ships were sent across the Drift to new frontiers, spewing forth unending legions of mass-manufactured synthetic soldiers and titanic war machines on unsuspecting worlds. Adapting to the new forms of resistance they encounter as they go, the Consortium begins to re-purpose the very technology that brought them to these new worlds as fearsome weapons. The pinnacle of their current development is the Harvester of Gods. Properly known as the Shadowstar Corporation J-2000 “Godslayer” mobile planetary siege platform, the Harvester is an immense quadromech war machine, bristling with all the latest and greatest Consortium weapons and defense technology. Equipped with its horrifying twin Armageddon Riftstorm Projectors, weaponized Drift-drives capable of consuming all life and energy, the J-2000 -series of Titan-class war machines are among the most fearsome forces the Consortium has at its disposal. None have yet withstood its might, but the universe is a big place…

The Harvester of Gods

I plan on expanding on this universe as I go along, probably with the common thread of future characters being that they come from a world invaded by the Galactic Consortium.


P.S. Sorry about the right side of the image; for some reason HeroMachine clipped off the right 1/2 centimeter on export no matter what I did.