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Blue Blazer

Alias: Ice Prince
Real Name: Matias Hakkinen
Genre: Superhero (Golden Age)
Powers/Special Skills: cryogenesis, cryokinesis
Special Weapons/Skills/Armor: none
Affiliations: Hero Corps
Other Aliases: none
Status: deceased
Matias was born in Finland in the year 1918. Shortly after his birth, Matias was stolen from the hospital by morally bankrupt German scientist Ernst Wagner. In his secret underground laboratory, Dr. Wagner gave young Matias treatments meant to alter his very physical core. Before he could complete his experimental tampering, however, the lab was discovered by authorities. Matias was recovered and returned to his parents, while Dr. Wagner fled and escaped.

At first, all seemed to be a normal, happy ending to the nightmarish six months that Matias was missing. But one day, the infant suddenly became an icy shade of blue, with hard, frozen skin. It became clear that, to at least an extent, Dr. Wagner’s treatments had yielded results. Over the course of his childhood, Matias learned that he could create and manipulate ice in his vicinity and do with it what he pleased. Once he turned 18, he became the superhero Ice Prince, and became an overnight sensation. As one of Finland’s few superheroes, he was instantly an adored celebrity. And he let it go straight to his head.

Matias became vain as his fame spread, but he knew that he could achieve even higher levels of popularity if he could get out of Finland and fihgt evil on an international level. And so, when the call from America was made by Mr. Ultimate recruiting superhumans for a global team, Matias took a chance and traveled to the city of Caligo, where Mr. Ultimate called home. As Ice Prince, Matias was accepted in Hero Corps, but soon found that his diva personality did not jibe well with his teammates. Finally, he was able to learn some humility, and by the end of his first year on the team, Matias was a trusted, well-liked member of the group. He lived to the age of 98, passing away quietly in 2016.

During his tenure on Hero Corps, Matias once again encountered Dr. Ernst Wagner, who had become the Nazi super-scientist known as Doktor Tentakel. The Doktor attempted to throw Matias off with the revelation that he had caused his ice powers. But Matias was able to keep his head level, and killed Doktor Tentakel in self-defense when the scientist attacked.


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