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Blue Blazer

Alias: Hyperion
Real Name: Gerald Burke
Genre: Superhero
Powers/Special Skills: superstrength, supersonic flight
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: nigh-invulnerable armor and helm
Affiliations: Burke family
Other Aliases: Rocket Kid
Status: active
Gerald was born of two of the world’s most beloved Golden Age superheroes, Commander Victorious and Lady Vigilant. He father was superhumanly strong and his mother could fly faster than Mach-1 speeds. Gerald inherited both of those powers, and now that his parents have retired he has been trying a little too hard to fill their shoes. He served as his parents’ sidekick as a boy, back when he was called Rocket Boy. Strength and speed-wise, he has surpassed them both, and is now vying for the coveted title of Champion of Caligo City. Below is the transcript from his interview with the Mayor:

Mayor Logan: Ah, welcome Hyperion.

Hyperion: (standing at attention, helmet under the crook of one arm, the other arm saluting the council) Good morning, sir! Hyperion reporting to interview as instructed, sir!

ML: Um, at ease.

H: Thank you! (Sits)

ML: Let’s see now. Oh, it says here that you are the son of legendary superheroes Commander Victorious and Lady Vigilant. That is something. They were quite the role models when I was a teenager.

H: Sir, I am proud of my heritage, sir!

ML: Of course you are. There’s no need to yell. You’re not even a soldier, are you?

H: Um, sir, no sir.

ML: So tell us about yourself then.

H: Sir, I come from a long line of superhumans. As you know, my father was the strongest man of his day, able to lift a locomotive over his head, and my mother could fly faster than a fighter jet. I have acquired both of these powers, as well as their combined loyalty to this great country and to justice for all, sir!

ML: Well, I see nothing wrong with that. This is a bit of a relief, I must admit. The entrants before you were a little sub-par if you want my honest opinion.

H: Sir, thank you, sir!

ML: Thank you for coming, Hyperion, you will be hearing from us.

(Hyperion stands and salutes)

H: Sir, I won’t let you down, sir!

ML: Uh, you’re excused.


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