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Anna Mauro is one of the newest students at the Claremont Academy and the younger sister of the Watchguard’s Reaper with whom she shares a life draining touch.

Grim, as she prefers to be known, may be new at the academy but she has already developed a reputation as a bully as she likes to use the threat of her powers to intimidate others. In reality though, Grim uses the threat of her powers to keep people at a distance as the thought of hurting or even killing someone fills her with dread.

She may not endear herself to many people but Grim has found at least one friend in the relentlessly optimistic Salamander whose healing factor seems to counteract Grim’s touch. Grim may get annoyed by how positive and cheery Salamander is but she appreciates having at least one friend who she doesn’t have to always be on edge around, for feat of hurting them.


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