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Blue Blazer

Name: Hulgard
Genre: Fantasy
Powers/Special Skills: composed of sandy rock
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: Redstar shard
Affiliations: Vorgan race
Other Aliases: none
Status: N/A
Redstar Desert -in the Realm of Fontegan- is a vast, cruel wasteland, where few can survive save the Vorgans, a race of rock-like creatures. They are an anarchic society of beings, and generally will do whatever is necessary to survive. Hulgard is one of these creatures. The armor and whip he carries were stolen from Fort McBane, a stronghold of the humans which lies on the edge of the Redstar Desert. The staff he wields holds within it a piece of the Redstar, a strange mineral found in a cave in the desert which glows a fierce red and fires a blast of energy when its owner wills it to.