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This character is the result of a roleplaying game with some friends. The game was set in The Red Brain’s testing facility as he attempts to create superhumans from willing test subjects.

We were each given a random code name and challenged to make a character based around it. I was given Alpha Dog and this is the result.

Parker Austin is a nice guy. Some would even cal him a boy-scout. A former marine with a surprising heart of gold, he sees the world through rose tinted glasses, despite having seen things that would destroy most men. Everyone loves this good willed young man.

But after he gained a healing factor as a result of The Red Brain’s experiments…After he put on the mask and became Alpha Dog…something changed. Parker Austin is still the sweet farm boy but Alpha Dog is a ruthless, hard-nosed fighter who doesn’t think twice about breaking bones to get a job done.

Alpha Dog has become something of a split personality in the mind of Parker Austin. A personality he wears to fight for what he believes in and he fights for those things with a passion that is frightening.

Alpha Dog may be knew to this whole superhero thing but he has already established himself as a tough and determined fighter who has left a trail of broken bones and bruised egos behind him.

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