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Only 2 men have ever escaped the secretive facility known only as The Castle.

One of those men is Replay but his mind is so broken that he barely remembers even being there.

The other is Howler.

Max Richardson managed to escape with his life and his sanity intact and is now engaged in a crusade to free the other innocent people being experimented on in The Castle. It may seem like a losing battle, considering the level of secrecy around the facility and the massively overwhelming opposition he faces but no one is more determined than Max and he wages a one man guerrilla war on anyone involved in the program, using the secret identity of Howler.

Replay, having recently recovered some of his fragmented memories of his time in The Castle, has sought out Howler in New Mexico to offer his help. Howler doesn’t trust the mercenary, knowing that he doesn’t have complete control over his duplicates, but he does know that having an ally that can literally be an army could be the strategic boost he needs if he ever plans to storm The Castle.


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