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“Not much is known about Clamoreau the Bastard beyond these two things…he’s far older than you think he is, and you don’t want to cross him. Clamoreau’s origin is stranger than fiction at best, batshit crazy at worst. Supposedly, his father was a member of a holy order, his mother a member of royalty. One was elven, the other was human. One broke their promises and commitments, the other broke their vows. The result was a child, a half breed in a time in which such a child would have been considered a crime merely for existing, carried and born in secret, who never knew either of his parents. No one really knows how or where he was raised, or learned the things he did…but what is known is that he traveled for years, looking for fights. Clamoreau became name only spoken in whispers…the monster killer, the demon slayer, the man who brought down kings and despots…he was a legend…until he wasn’t. Story goes…one village he tried to save, son of a bitch ended up face to face with a red dragon. After that final encounter, the village was gone, the dragon was dead, and everything else was ashes and burned stone. But…some say, Clamoreau might still be alive. Most think this is just a reason to be afraid at night, if you’ve done anything he might not like…but me, I like to believe he’s still out there.”

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