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Here’s a character I actually made quite a while ago but never bothered to post here because I didn’t really think it was good enough. Looking at it now, I suppose it’s not my worst work so I’ll let you guys decide.

Georgia Dillon has the remarkable ability to turn anything she touches to gold. She provides a service to those who can afford it by converting items into gold and charging only a fraction of what the newly golden item would be worth. What she fails to tell any of her clients, however, is that the things to turns to gold don’t stay gold. Of course she’s usually long gone by the time this happens, taking her clients money with her.

Georgia is a master con-artist but she has made more than a few enemies due to her deceit and has even earned the nickname “Gold Digger”. It’s a name that she hates but she would never allow anyone to see her annoyance. Gold Digger or not, Georgia always keeps her cool and she will need that attitude when the growing list of the people she has scammed come looking for their money.

Gold Digger

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