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@RobM: Cheers dude. I showed your comment to Cat earlier today, she’s sends her thanks and is glad you like her work.

Anyway, as promised, the other commission:

I mean, come on. If I was going to get any of my characters commissioned in full colour as a proper piece it was always going to be Lili and Danni. I’ve wanted to do a picture like this of these two for a long time, but could never quite get it to work, so I decided to get someone who can actually draw to do it instead and, if I do say so myself, it turned out amazingly.
Oh yeah, and Lili’s hair has changed a fair bit, plus her tattoos now have crept up to her neck. The references I sent Cat for this piece were new updates on the characters that I haven’t posted yet. I’ll probably get round to doing that at some point.
I’ve also included an earlier version down below, from before Cat had started on Lili’s tattoos, because I think it looks just as good either way.
Oh and as it’s kinda topical (and considering the theme of the picture) Happy Pride Month everyone.
Plus, requisite plug of friends gallery pages, where you can find commission info and further amazing art:
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