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In the times of the Elders, there lived a Baron who was almost singularly dedicated to the expansion his wealth and holdings.  He was ruthless, and would use any means necessary to accumulate that which he desired.  His only love besides his wealth was his baby sister, who was known throughout the kingdom as the “Heart of Gold”.  Her brother’s ruthless ways made him many enemies, and when a conspiracy was hatched to poison the Baron, the deadly drug was accidentally given to his sister.  The Baron, with all his money and wealth was powerless to save his sister, and in an act of desperation he made a bargain with an ancient demon.  He agreed to pay the demon one gold piece a day for the rest of his life if the demon would save the “Heart of Gold”.  The demon of course tricked the Baron, and after the contract was bound by blood, the demon plunged it’s clawed hand into young girl’s chest, and pulled out her heart which immediately turned completely to gold.  The demon gave the heart to the Baron, and started collecting his debt.  The demon further tormented the Baron by not letting him die until his “one gold piece a day” would drain the Baron’s entire fortune.  It took many lifetimes over, one day at a time as the greedy Baron’s accumulated fortune was turned into the instrument of his suffering…but eventually he was down to his last piece of gold, his beloved sister’s heart.  Unable to give that to the demon, he has continued to live, and after centuries of loneliness and regret, he began a new project.  He began to study the ancient ways of the Necromancer, increasing his knowledge through study and practice and increasing his power through finding and excavating ancient artifacts, the most powerful of which is one of the lost Nosferatu Gauntlets.  He has long ago forgotten his living name, but now goes by Aeron Necrosh.  He governs an undead kingdom where he collects souls before judgement, giving them a chance at redemption.



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