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So I’ve said in the past how much I like Overwatch (so long as I don’t think about the loot boxes). It’s my go to game when I have a spare 10-15 minutes to kill.

I was playing it recently and was randomly struck by an idea for a character, because that’s just what I do.

I do prefer to play healers/support (even though I have more time in D.VA than everyone else because I’m usually forced to play tank because no one ever picks tank on my teams for some reason) so I decided to make my guy a healer.

Also, as I work with dogs, I figured it would be appropriate to give my guy a doggo companion. I picture him sending the little guy out to deliver health packs to teammates he can’t reach and/or attack enemies.

I’m not sure what the dogs name is yet and I’m also not 100% sold on “Rescue” as a name either so suggestions are welcome.


Rescue & co

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