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Herr D

I hope you enjoyed. As of this moment, I am considering suggestions and queries from anyone who wishes to collaborate (illustrate) the above story. I have the bottle somewhere, and may provide the text to someone who wishes to incorporate it inside an illustration.

1. Eventually, I will ask for the text from some of the submissions so I can post them with the appropriate segments. Some of the posts will obviously be better with multipanel pics, just like comic book pages. An easy cheat is to put the Background/Std picture frame with colors 1, 2, and 3 at 100% white over a panel when done to fix the edges. I will also be sharing that text with whoever wants to ‘be true to the other pages’ style.’

2. Word balloons and thinking bubbles from any character but the Shadow will be white. His wlll be black.

3. Obviously sticking to the text I’ve written will bring favor to any submission.

4. If the moderators wish to make a contest out of one of these or any of my other fiction posted here, I will be flattered and consider canonizing any pics that both impress me and are true enough to the entire text and incorporated style elements so far.