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Herr D

ETS: Djinn And Tony, Part 14

Basher needed a drink. He was confused. Well, he was usually confused, but this made less sense than normal. “You want me to tell Granite to open the door, step out, turn around, and come back in? Why?”
The Shadow was hopping from pillar shadow to pillar shadow across the lobby. He felt nervous and most undignified. “It’s symbolic. I believe that you could become the Leader’s next butler. To do that, you will not be doorman anymore. You must be authoritative.”
“AuTHORitative. That’s like, pushy?”
“LIKE pushy. But more stern and quiet. You’ve seen the Leader talk quietly, haven’t you?”
“Yes?” Basher looked a lot less certain of this than he did a moment ago.
The Shadow darted a glance at the clock. “If you get this job, you will no longer be at risk for punishment at failure for away missions.” He spun around. “Careful with that, Troll! It has to be shipped tomorrow. The shipping company will pick it up off the back loading dock like the last several packages. I don’t need you to check it; I packed it myself. Go on, then! Well, Basher?”
Basher had finished thinking. He straightened. He smiled, showing all five of his teeth. “Will-that-be-all?”