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Herr D

Mike groaned. “No vengeance either way, right? Get out, then.”
The Shadow’s eyes sprung open, stark white with surprise and irritation. “That’s what Tony asked for, but it’s too late. It would take me longer than an hour just to pack. Feeding my ‘delusions’ as YOU call them is a difficult thing! I have all these stretchy black garments in special laundry preparations. My makeup laboratory is a lot to pack up, too. And let’s not forget I have to walk from shadow to shadow. Besides, I would have to take EVERY shard of glass, if you even broke the bottle to free me! It’s just too late. You have to kill me.”
Mike stood. He turned to a picture on the wall. He tossed it aside to reveal a safe. “You will now promise me you WILL be packed and out the front door in fifty-eight minutes, with or without whatever is yours. You may call me and ask that the rest be brought out to you at our mutual convenience. Promise me now.”
The Shadow stood, startled. He felt the same compunction as usual. Wary of some trick, he nodded. “I promise.”